Sunday, November 18, 2007

Public Service Announcement eyes, my eyes!

Warning...Internet surfing without parental controls and blocking software is a dangerous thing! Even if you are over 30...ok, ok....even if you are just a couple months into your 40s!

I'm getting ready for a Girl Guide bake sale. Amongst other things, one of the items the older girls make is a couple pieces of fabric sewn up to look like pants, with the leg holes sewn shut. These "pants" are then filled with bubblegum and tied at the top. They go by the not so appetizing name of "Bubble Butts." Surprisingly kids love them. Actually, I guess that isn't surprising at all. What with the words poop and fart bringing hours of enjoyment why wouldn't a whole bag of Bubble Butts providing legitimacy to be able to repeat the word butt every time you pop in a piece of gum not be appreciated by the average 7 year old boy?

Me, being the type to help out whenever I can to avoid things like laundry, vacuuming, yard work and other household tasks, offered to help make tags for the girls' bake sale items. So, I made tags for the Canine Cookies with a cute little clip art doggie and tags for the Kitty Cookies with a cute little clip art kitty and tags for the Bubble Butts with a cute little....PORN STAR!!!! google butts and just see what happens. And if that isn't enough for you, google blowing bubbles. I'm really not prudish at all but this stuff was SCARY! I just hope these peoples' parents never have to google butt or blowing bubbles - they could be in for a rude awakening when they see their son or daughter. And all these years they thought Suzie or Bobby worked in an office...Yeah, well...I guess I did see a filing cabinet in one of the shots.

Dan also had a glimpse into internet porn a while back. He was looking to buy a new camera so was checking out various camera shops on-line. He assures me that I really don't need to check out Seems the camera shop has a different site name.

Now, we let our kids use the computer. You know,, Webkins, Family Channel, etc. Pretty tame stuff (and some of it pretty addictive too. I quite enjoy a little Webkinz gaming after the kids are in bed) but until we get a blocker installed I don't think I'm even going to let them turn the computer on. I always thought we were safe. My kids would never google a "bad" word. All I need is for someone to google an otherwise innocent word and end up with 2, 984, 672 links to porn. Try to explain that one in a parent-teacher interview


brn2scrp said...

Bubble butts - lol!!! Thanks for the public service announcement. My first google search ever, years ago, was "Barbie". I wanted to see some pics of vintage barbies. What I got to, was a website where Barbie and Ken were up to no good at all whatsoever ... (despite the fact that Ken and Barbie are not supposed to have the necessary apparatus). That cured me of google searching for a couple of years at least.

Mellisa said...

I so love reading your blog. You are soooo funny!!! Glad to know about Bubble butts but I have to admited - sheepishly, of course - that I have now developed a curiousity as to what googling 'blowing bubbles' will bring. LOL


Mellisa said...

Ummmm - are you sure you typed the words right? My computer just shows a bunch of kids literally blowing bubbles. Mainly with the liquid bubbles and wands. I don't think your computer like you. (and YES I did google it. Again, I say sheepishly. lol)

barb said...

Eeeeeek! What a story! Your blog always makes me laugh. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes you have to be verry careful for what you google. lessen learned.