Wednesday, August 29, 2007

They drive me crazy!

Although they do at times drive me really crazy "I" would never be crazy enough to let them drive a lawn tractor, at least not until they had gone through driver's ed. Geez...growing up I wasn't even allowed to touch our push mower, or the axe for that matter, right Dad?

Anyway, Dan let Allie drive and she was pretty cautious. She only tried to tip Erin out a few times (just joking!) She'll probably be a better driver than me in no time (no comments from the sidelines, please!) I still don't have this whole ride-on thing down yet, especially with regards to a flight plan (AKA how to mow the entire lawn without going over the same area 14 times trying to get to another area.)

So, this lawn tractor is mine, ALL MINE. I have always been the chief lawn mower and generally, when it isn't 48 degrees, I dont mind mowing. "Exercise with a purpose' is how I rationalize it. This spring was a stellar grass growing season and at 3 hours for each complete push mowing of the lawn I was getting tired. So, I had my neighbour check out this tractor for sale and he told me what I should pay, brought it home, did some maintenance and gave me my lawn tractor 101 lesson. Dan knew this was in the works but left all the details up to me. Of course while he was home on leave he did get to use it. After I mowed he suggested he could "help me out" by hooking up the trailer to pick up the clippings. Sure Dan...I can see right through your helpful suggestion. He just wanted to get on that thing and ride it! That's all right though as I needed him to cut the slopes on the side anyway - I'm too scared I'll tip!