Monday, November 2, 2009

To the makers of Coffee Crisp.

Hey Mr. Nestle, have I got an idea for you. Drop the crisp and keep the coffee. That yummy centre is all I'm after. I suppose you could keep the chocolate coating too. I make a terrible mess trying to get all those crispy wafers off that creamy brick of coffee flavoured goodness so I can savour it in its naked state. It would save me a lot of vacuuming if you just cut to the chase.

That's all.

No rush. I try to stay away from chocolate bars most of the year but those little mini halloween bars don't count, right? RIGHT? So if you could have the "Chocolate Covered Creamy Coffee" bars ready for next October that would be fine.


*** desk is not messy due to crispy wafer crumbs. That would be a dirty desk. My desk is strictly messy.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I'm in the spotlight

Over on the ScrapShotz Blog

Drop on by to learn all kinds of trivial (yet ever so interesting) things about me.

Have a burning question for me? Leave a comment on the SSZ blog and I'll get back to you.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Under construction - hard hats must be worn at all times!

Sorry for the funky look but me and my non-existent blog designer mad skillz are battling it out to create a new look.

We will return you to your regularly scheduled program soon.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Must See TV

I'm a TV addict and I freely admit it. New faves this year include comedies Modern Family and Cougar Town but I haven't gotten sucked into a new drama yet. I guess nothing can fill the opening in my schedule that ER left.

Do you like TV too? Why not join us at ScrapShotz this weekend where we are holding an on-line crop where all the challenges are based on TV shows, both past and present. Lots of scrapping to be done, games to be played and prizes to be won.

Here is one of my challenges based on CSI...

Do you have a favorite CSI series?

My fave is the original Vegas version but I also make a point of watching the team in NY. The Miami gang I can take or leave.

Pete Townsend (of the Who) is probably really happy they chose one of his songs for the opening theme to the original because NY and Miami followed with 2 others - can you say residuals?

We all know that CSI stands for Crime Scene Investigators.

Or it did…

Today CSI is taking on a whole new meaning and I’m asking you to take the challenge and solve…well not solve anything but create a LO. OK you say, that I can do. But wait! You need some clues. In our special CSI version of scrapping you have to do things following a special protocol...

You will need to use only tools and products that start with C, S or I.

So, you'll probably use Scissors. You will of course be able to use your paper trimmer, just refer to it as a Cutter. And of course you need adhesive but we’ll just call that Sticky Stuff. What else can you use?

Cardstock, Stickers, Stamps, Ink, Corner rounders, Silhouette, Cricut, Sizzix, Stickles, Circle Cutters, Square Punches, Scallop Punches, Cuttlebug, Stitching, Sewing, Chalk, Staples, Chipboard, Computer, etc. I can’t wait to see what other C, S and I things you can come up with.

I’m not a real stickler. If you can REASONABLY explain how your tool or product begins with a C, S or I then it will accepted.

You must use at least one tool/product to cover each of the letters. Guess, we’ll all be using ink, huh?

Have fun with this. It may make you step out of your box and get creative with your tools but I know that you can assist the CSI team on this case.

Here is my LO. I used cardstock, staples, 4 kinds of stickers (3 alphas and an epoxy circle), staples, chipboard shape, scallop circle stamp, circle punch, ink, strips of journaling, computer font and a corner rounder.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My marriage could be in trouble.

Dan bought a bus pass this month.

This may seem like a trivial bit of information to you but in 2 years of mass transit use this is the first time that it has been financially beneficial for him to purchase a pass. "So?" you say. Obviously you don't get it. In order for the bus pass to be a better option than individual bus tickets Dan has to take the bus at least 14 days in a month. This has never happened before and may never happen again. Dan is actually going to be at home at least 14 week days this month...unless of course the military has something to say about that.

Hope our marriage survives this terrible strain...not used to him being around so much! Mind you hockey season has started and he is playing in 2 leagues and an occasional pick-up league so I probably won't see him any more than usual anyway.

Here's a little something from my messy desk. This is my oldest daughter. At 10 she is already 5' 1', wears a shoe size bigger than me and acts like 16. And by acting like 16 I don't mean helpful, kind and responsible but more along the lines of attitude and emotion. In fact these pictures do not accurately depict her - she usually has an eye roll.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tootin' my horn!

Happy to share that I have been asked to join the Design Team of an on-line scrapbook store based out of Calgary. You can visit me there at Do not blame me if you get sucked into the vortex.

Of course this will mean that I will actually have to tear myself away from the screens (both computer and TV) in order to actually DO some scrapping. Seems that after they send me a big box of scrapping goodies each month I am contractually obligated to produce something to inspire their members. My ever cheap practical husband was ecstatic to hear that I would be getting free stuff. I forgot to mention the little matter of "since the box is being shipped to me for free I'm taking advantage of this and filling it up with a few extras" to him.

Here is a wonky scan of my latest LO. I treated myself to a silhouette digital cutter back in the spring and I'm just now getting around to really playing with it. The title and the green florish were both cut using it.

Friday, September 11, 2009

FreeCycling is TMI

Are you a freecycler? In case you haven't jumped on this environmentally friendly trend let me explain. Most cities and large towns have an internet home where a couple of things happen. People who don't want their junk extra stuff anymore offer it up for free. People who might need said junk stuff (and I'm not sure why someone would need some of this junk/stuff) make arrangements to get it from you. It is all in the vein of being green, reducing waste in the landfill, re-using other people's junk stuff, etc.

I will be the first to admit that I am not terribly green. Sure I recycle with the blue and black boxes and I compost in the non-snowy months (hey, you wanna come over and trek through shoulder height snowbanks to get to my composter?) and we even use those curly light bulbs that are supposed to last for 7 years but we've already burned out about a dozen.

So, I freecycle. More to get junk/stuff AKA crap, out of my basement. Not sure how it all got into my basement but I'm doing my duty and getting rid of it in the responsible way.

My local freecycle site also provides me with a good giggle every once in a while. There is one particular poster who always describes her item up for offer and then says something like "Will only gift item to people who give a polite response." So, first, I think, "WOW!" Somebody actually writes back 'Lady, give me your crap. Right now!'" and then I go to the other extreme and think about a really polite response.

Dear Sir or Madam, It would add great pleasure to my day if you would be so kind as to gift me with your lovely (insert name of junk/stuff/crap.) I shall always treasure it and will be eternally grateful for your kindness. Thanking you in advance for your generousity. Sincerely yours,
Frankly, I don't care who wants my junk/stuff/crap, as long as they come and get it.

I also get a kick out of the TMI (too much information) posts.

WANTED: Rug Shampooer

My geriatric cat has diabetes and throws up all over my furniture. I could really use a rug shampooer to help get rid of the stains and smells.

WANTED: Household items

My girlfriend got angry that I cheated on her so now I need pots, pans, dishes, sheets, towels, a bed, etc.

OFFER: Couch

Sturdy, grey, has some cat vomit stains but smells pretty good.

And then there are the picky people.

WANTED: Area rug

Must be in good shape (OK, I agree with this.) Beige with burgundy, 5 feet x 4 feet, no fringe.

PEOPLE! This is free junk/stuff/crap that would otherwise go to the landfill. Take what you can get. If you want a fringeless, 5x4 beige and burgundy area rug on the cheap head to Wally world.

Don't get me wrong. I think it is a great service. I've given away lots of junk/stuff/crap that people are very appreciative of. And I've even gotten stuff in return (cuz I don't want any junk or crap), most notably, a dog. Now Freecycle rules say no autos and no pets but somehow, shortly after we had to put down our 9 month old chocolate lab pup there happened to be a listing got it...a 9 month old chocolate lab pup. Not sure how it got approved by the moderators but it slipped by and we became the owners of a free to us dog. Of course Dan says "nothing is ever free" so the next day we promptly went to the vet and shelled out big bucks for a raging ear infection.

Here is Cocoa meeting her new girls for the first time back in April 2006.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Well, they're off!

And without any major incidents. They usually save the incidents (otherwise known as tantrums, attitude, etc.) for the other 189 days of school.

Here they are, looking all sweet and innocent, heading to grades 3 and 5 with their $483.97 worth of school supplies (OK, slight exaggeration, but I drove all over the city looking for the elusive grey duo-tang so if you figured in gas, wear and tear on the vehicle and wear and tear on the mom, believe me, it adds up!)

And here they are in the rarely seen "side by side" pose. Note that they are cleverly disguising their retractable claws and actually appear to like each other, or at the very least, aren't currently fighting and screaming.

And in other news...I've already confirmed that, yes indeed, there is absolutely no doubt that I really, really, really don't like making lunches. And I don't care if the girls don't like hot dogs, chicken soup or deep fried mystery road kill - if it is on the hot lunch menu (on the one freakin' day a week they offer it!) then they are gonna have it! Actually with all the new nutrition standards that hot lunches have to follow I'm pretty sure there won't be deep fried anything but somehow those hot dogs must have some nutritional value as they keep making their way on to the menu. I guess ketchup is made from a vegetable a fruit something that grows in the garden and if you present it in a whole wheat bun all the moms will nod their heads in approval (except me - I'm a white bread kind of girl) and all the kids will go "BLECH!"

Gotta go - I'm running out and picking up a bunch of grey duo tangs to save me the hassle (and at my age I can't take any unneccesary wear and tear) next year!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Something borrowed...

Well, I promised to blog every week but we had company this past week (OK...they only arrived Wednesday but I still had to clean the house, enjoy the sun, referee 1,769 sibling ultimate fighting matches, not to mention we are also looking after a friends' dog for the week) so I'm copping out this week and using something I've seen on another blog that I stalk like to read. Of course I have erased her answers and inserted my own. Come on...I do have some integrity!

Outside my window...I see that the wind has picked up the foam inserts from under the trampoline edges and blown them all over the yard.

I am thinking...that I will probably have to go out and chase down said pieces of foam.

I am thankful for...the fact that I ate copious amounts of fudge last week and yet didn't gain a pound. Maybe that 1/2 pound of butter wasn't so bad for me after all.

From the kitchen...Ummmm...after the above post I think I will be avoiding the kitchen for a
while. The fudge pan is empty and taunting me.

I am wearing...Navy and white sleep pants, a navy T-shirt I got from an XXXL male roommate back in 1993 and blue crocs. Not sure which is the biggest fashion faux pas. And just to put the question to is still morning!

I am creating...yet another disaster zone in my scrap room. Unfortunately it isn't caused by a scrapping frenzy. Dan wanted to fix a desk drawer for me (I've only been waiting over a year) and it had to be done last night at 10 when the feeling struck him. It required the entire top of the desk being taken off which greatly helped in the facilitation of said mess. The 472 pounds of crap expensive scrap book supplies stuff I had piled neatly stored on top of my desk needed to find a new home fast or I may have had to wait for another year for the drawer repair.

I am dance gleefully in the streets at 8:00 am on Tuesday morning. Yes, Staples advertising agency people, it is indeed "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year" when the kids head back to school. Of course, on the down side, I will have to get up a lot earlier in the morning now that we can't sleep in...OK, I've weighed the pros and cons and decided that back to school time is probably the "Second Most Wonderful Time of the Year" with the first day of summer vacation beating it out by a hair.

I am reading...too many blogs! (disclaimer...I did not change this answer but took it directly from the original blogger. Seems us bloggers have a little addiction.)

I am hoping...that Dan doesn't have too many odd jobs/household chores to do today. I sometimes feel extremely lazy and incompetent a slight tinge of guilt as I watch him busily attack his to-do list as I lounge on the coach with a good book.

I am hearing...the hum of my computer fan and the click of the keyboard is good (and quiet!)

Around the house...there are a number of switch plate covers that need to be put back on from when I painted last fall. Think I can add those to Dan's to-do list?

One of my favourite things...Fudge. Nuff said!

A few plans for the rest of the week...Collect trampoline foam. Battle 2874 other Moms at Staples today to get the last 2 frosted orange duo tangs and yellow report covers. Apply names and labels to 2 frosted orange duo tangs, 2 yellow report covers, 96 pencil crayons, 22 pencils, 16 scribblers (excuse me, they are called notebooks now - scribbling is no longer one of the three Rs) 2 back packs, 2 lunch bags, 4 indoor sneakers and a partridge in a pear tree (although I'm not sure the labels will stick to its feathers.) Do my annual "visit the principals" to get my name on the supply lists. Enjoy the quiet of the first week back to school before the principals start calling in week two.

A picture to share...I guess when I was creating this layout I had forgotten that fudge was one of my favourite things. Instead I went with reading, photography, computers, TV and Lays Chips. Not making me sound like a very well rounded, extroverted (or healthy) individual is it?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Domestic Goddess? Not SEW much!

I don't all. Just ask my kids. If a seam is ripped, the arm is torn off a stuffed animal (blame Cocoa), or a Brownie badge needs attaching they know to go ask their father. Well, actually that isn't totally true. I usually "sew" the Brownie badges on with that magical iron on tape. I also use it for hems, small tears, etc. No one looks at my hems close enough to know if it is real sewing or not.

I really hate ironing too but that is another post. Suffice it to say that Dan knows when I get the iron out it really means I'm "sewing."

I remember as a kid watching what must have been (after the ever so popular pocket fisherman and K-tel records) one of the first ever infomercials that touted this miracle powder that could fix any multitude of clothing disasters. Got moth holes in a favorite sweater? Cigarette burn in a pair of jeans? Small shark tore a chunk out of your bathing suit (and a couple of appendages?) All you had to do to miraculously fix these problems is clip a few hidden fibres from the torn/ripped/moth or shark eaten material, mix it with this miracle powder, press the resulting fibrous ball into the trouble spot and iron. Voila - my kind of sewing! Haven't seen this around in, ohhhhhh -let me not date myself too badly, the last 30 years. Not sure why it didn't take the sewing world by storm. Perhaps the miracle powder was made of asbestos.

I took sewing in Family Living and made 3 projects - a football pillow (not sure why as we got to pick our projects and I certainly wasn't a football fan - must have been rated as easy), a pair of shorts that I have no memory of ever wearing and the ever so hot and stylin' burgundy cordoroy jumper that could have passed for a maternity dress. Even if I had followed the pattern correctly and sewn it properly it still would have been closer to a maternity dress than anything a grade 12 girl would wear - even if it was the 80s! My generation was more into ripping sweatshirts a la Flashdance than sewing anything.

All this to say that I try to avoid sewing at all costs.

Except I have this little secret.

But you have to promise not to tell Dan (and I'm pretty sure he doesn't read this blog because I make fun of him a lot on here and he's never shown any sign of retribution being embarrassed about it.

Here it is...


I sometimes sew on my scrapbook layouts.

Not just with a regular needle and thread either. I sometimes get out the actual sewing machine and put the pedal to the metal and zoom that little needle all over my page. Dan would shoot me if he ever found out. Not because sewing through layers of paper might hurt the sewing machine or break a needle but simply because "I don't sew!" Frankly, I think the thought that I might ruin an 80 cent piece of paper is a lot less intimidating to me then the thought of ruining $10 worth of material or the thought of spending 37 minutes seam ripping something that took me 1.6 seconds to sew (hence the need to rip it out - I don't think sewing machines are supposed to go 50km an hour.)

Now that my dirty little secret is out I'm going to share a couple of examples of my fine handiwork with you just to prove that I can, indeed, sew. This first is a fine example of hand sewing. Take note of the precise angles and the eveness of the stitch length - near perfection!

This second layout is a testament to my machine stitching. Notice the wildly random linear paths and overlaying stitches- totally planned this way. I said i could sew but I certainly didn't say I could sew in a straight line. This planned chaos method works for me. All mistakes are intentional and of course it all adds to the homemade look ;c)

Monday, August 10, 2009

We now return you to the regularly scheduled program.

People have been asking me when my next blog post would appear. Well, to tell the truth, using the term "people" would imply that more than one person is interested in a new post and that may or may not be the case. My father (Hi Dad!) seems to enjoy reading my "rants" as he calls them. Does it count as being "people" when he then prints it off for my mother (Hi Mom!) Does it count if said "people" are related to you? I do have a stat counter to show where my blog hits come from and for some strange reason - this is the honest truth - the RCMP checks out my blog. Surely the RCMP counts as "people" but then they aren't really clamoring for me to create more posts. Also, I have a real RCMP friend and he assures me that the RCMP, while they do indeed check blogs, do not use "RCMP" in their e-mail addresses.

I admit that I have a regular blog routine where I click through a list of faves to see what is happening in various photography, scrapbooking, recipe and mom blogs. Sometimes I even switch up the routine and start at the bottom of the list. Can you believe that some people have the nerve to not have new posts up when I go to visit their blogs? How annoying is that? I have a friend who adopted a baby in Asia and she faithfully blogged almost every day about their trip there to get him and then left me hanging high and dry with a blog post entitled "Trip to Mui Ne" where they frolic at a beach resort with the new baby. No follow up posts like "We've arrived home safe and sound (Not to mention absolutely exhausted.)" No "4 am feedings really suck!" Of course this is a friend IRL (in real life, Mom and Dad) so I could call her but that would defeat the point of having her on my blog list.

Truth be told, I like to write. I get lots of good (?? OK, using this term liberally) ideas. I sit in front of my computer for hours on end anyways. Not so sure why I can't get the proverbial pen to the proverbial paper on a more regular basis. Could be that my life is busy (just forget about that part above were I mentioned sitting in front of my computer for hours on end.) Probably not a good excuse - 2 of the blogs I am faithful to are written by a mom of 6 and a mom of pre-school triplets - I'm sure they would both love to be just "busy" instead of on full speed ahead turbo boost 24/7.

So, I've decided I'm going to try and resurrect this blog. I'm hoping to post on a more regular basis. My track record of one post every few months means I can post just once a month and that would be more regular but I'm going to aim real high and "GASP" try for a weekly post.

See you next week...

Saturday, January 24, 2009

What not to wear...I'm obviously wearing it!

The girls and I enjoy all the fashion makeover shows on TV - especially "What Not to Wear." What's that you say? You're not familiar with that show. In the ever so tactful words of my nine year old, "It's when people who dress like Mom win $5000 so they can go shopping and get clothes that look good."

Today we were watching a rerun were three women vie to be the worst dressed teacher in whatever state it was they were filming in. Allie, my afore mentioned tactful 9 year old, says to me, "Does WNTW ever come to Canada?" and I tell her that I've never seen them do a Canadian show but perhaps they might someday. "Good!" says the tactful child, "Cuz then you could apply to be on the worst dressed teachers in Ontario show."

Yeah...I'll do that.

I've never been a real fashionista. Well there was that time that I wore stirrup pants. And Peter Pan Get Away boots (what kind of name is that?) And I did the whole neon craze. Can't forget granny boots. WOW! Now that I've listed all these great fashion statements I made - maybe I was a fashionista after all? Of course, the most recent of these fashion trends became a fashion faux pas by the late 80s so I guess the last 20 years have seen me go from fashionista to fashionless.

I remember the first piece of clothing that I just had to have. It was the summer between grade 6 and grade 7 and the Sears catalogue had recently arrived. There, in the teen girls' section, was my heart's desire - a fake (is polyester fake???? Surely it is real polyester?) sheep skin vest. It was like the hottest thing ever (literally, too!) and Mom and Dad must have also thought so because I was soon sporting this fashion faux pas trend on my way to Junior High.

Lucky for me (and you lucky readers too) this vest is forever memorialized in my grade 7 school photo. Here I am wearing it with a lovely plaid cowboy shirt with pearlized buttons. Fashion perfection at its best. Perhaps next post we will discuss why I have a boy's haircut - can't cover all my beauty and fashion mistakes in one post. Better yet, maybe I'll just do a retrospective of all my school photos - they should cover most of the fashion trends and beauty don'ts of a couple of decades!