Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Well, they're off!

And without any major incidents. They usually save the incidents (otherwise known as tantrums, attitude, etc.) for the other 189 days of school.

Here they are, looking all sweet and innocent, heading to grades 3 and 5 with their $483.97 worth of school supplies (OK, slight exaggeration, but I drove all over the city looking for the elusive grey duo-tang so if you figured in gas, wear and tear on the vehicle and wear and tear on the mom, believe me, it adds up!)

And here they are in the rarely seen "side by side" pose. Note that they are cleverly disguising their retractable claws and actually appear to like each other, or at the very least, aren't currently fighting and screaming.

And in other news...I've already confirmed that, yes indeed, there is absolutely no doubt that I really, really, really don't like making lunches. And I don't care if the girls don't like hot dogs, chicken soup or deep fried mystery road kill - if it is on the hot lunch menu (on the one freakin' day a week they offer it!) then they are gonna have it! Actually with all the new nutrition standards that hot lunches have to follow I'm pretty sure there won't be deep fried anything but somehow those hot dogs must have some nutritional value as they keep making their way on to the menu. I guess ketchup is made from a vegetable a fruit something that grows in the garden and if you present it in a whole wheat bun all the moms will nod their heads in approval (except me - I'm a white bread kind of girl) and all the kids will go "BLECH!"

Gotta go - I'm running out and picking up a bunch of grey duo tangs to save me the hassle (and at my age I can't take any unneccesary wear and tear) next year!