Monday, November 2, 2009

To the makers of Coffee Crisp.

Hey Mr. Nestle, have I got an idea for you. Drop the crisp and keep the coffee. That yummy centre is all I'm after. I suppose you could keep the chocolate coating too. I make a terrible mess trying to get all those crispy wafers off that creamy brick of coffee flavoured goodness so I can savour it in its naked state. It would save me a lot of vacuuming if you just cut to the chase.

That's all.

No rush. I try to stay away from chocolate bars most of the year but those little mini halloween bars don't count, right? RIGHT? So if you could have the "Chocolate Covered Creamy Coffee" bars ready for next October that would be fine.


*** desk is not messy due to crispy wafer crumbs. That would be a dirty desk. My desk is strictly messy.


KathyT said...

Love the new look Denise! But sorry, I don't share your love of coffee crisp :)