Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Hot Date!

A bunch of scrapping friends decided enough was enough! We have been saying for years that we should get together more often to scrap but we find it hard to commit. Funny, none of our husbands has a problem committing to hockey leagues, golf tournaments, traveling around the world (OK...so for Dan that is kind of a work thing and he is pretty committed to bringing home a pay cheque...and I'm pretty committed to spending it.) We usually do our twice yearly weekends away but needed something more to keep us going. Every once in a while we'd organize a get together at someone's house and then madly run around re-organizing furniture, begging for tables and chairs, etc. Always fun but it kind of put the hostess' house in a big mess.

Well, we finally did it!

Stevie took the lead and organized us and now 18 of us have a hot date one Saturday a month for the next year. We are meeting at a local community hall and gasp! have to set up our own tables and chairs but for $3.33 per day I'd say that is a pretty great deal. The best thing is that it is about 8 minutes down the road for me. Umm, on second thought, the best thing is quite possibly the pot luck, but the 8 minute drive is a close second.

Here are a couple of pages from last Saturday. I was working under pressure for the design team reveal over at  ScrapShotz. As usual, I always work best under pressure so the timing of the date couldn't have been better for me. Most of the products used are from Glitz Distressed Couture Collection.

Our next scrapping date is on April 17th. Anyone wanna take bets on whether I actually unpack from March's date before then. The odds are definitely in your favour if you go with "No! She won't unpack"