Saturday, August 21, 2010

And isn't it ironic...dontcha think?

Alanis Morisette knows what she's talking about.

I find it fairly ironic that I am currently reading this series because my 10 year old would like to read it when I was already reading Harold Robbins' and Sidney Sheldon's smut filled violence at the same age.

So far I've made it through Twighlight and New Moon and haven't been clutching my pearls in fear of what my daughter may glean from the pages. Seems pretty innocent to me so far (says the Harold Robins reading 10 year old.) Neither have I been enthralled with the story line or writing style. I asked Allie if she was really liking the books and she gave a sort "of ho-hum , they're all right" answer. Why then, am I patiently waiting to get my hands on the next book?!?! I guess I got sucked in and now NEED to know what happens to Bella, Edward and Jacob. I'm not on Team Edward or Team Jacob so I have no horse (or werewolf, as the case may be) in this race. I also heard the books get a little more risque as the series progresses so maybe I'm anxiously awaiting this but something tells me Stephenie Meyer probably didn't take notes from Robbins and Sheldon.


Mellisa said...

Ha. Ha. Good for you for not getting sucked in. lol I am happy to report that I am totally sucked in and LOVE the series. lol As far as getting more risque, they definately do. Eclipse not so much but it does touch on a subject. Breaking Dawn, definitely. Our school's library won't carry the 4th book, only the first three.

Happy Reading.

Anonymous said...

Yer 10 yer old daugter? Would that be Alie or Erin? I bought a 1000 piece Twilight jigsaw puzzle the other day (unopened) at a yrad sale for 50 cents. Did I pay to much?