Monday, September 17, 2007

Blog this! Scrap WHAT???????

OK, the name of my blog is "Blog this! Scrap that!" Essentially, I am trying to preserve memories by telling stories (that would be the Blog This part of the title) and scrapping (the Scrap This part) For the uninitiated, scrapping (or scrapbooking) is a gazillion dollar craft industry (which I, contrary to Dan's belief, DO NOT single handedly support) that requires picture takers to spend lots of money on fancy papers, ribbons, glues, embellishments, etc. to design pages with photos and journaling to preserve memories. So, part of my blog is supposed to be about this. Six posts in and I have yet to share any scrapping. That's because I seem to have, umm, not done any scrapping in a long time. when Dan left at the beginning of April I had visions of me scrapping every night after the kids went to bed - Didn't happen!

I am happy to report that that dark period in my life is over -my scrapping mojo is back!

Us scrappers like to get together and preserve our memories at events called crops. We generally say things like, "I'm going to a crop. Do you want to come and scrap with me?" Dan, in his unending wit and sarcasm, always asks when I get home from one of these crops if anyone got hurt - get it???? Scrap with me??? Yeah, I don't find it funny either but after 2761 crops he still asks me that every time.

Anyway, since hiring a babysitter for a day long crop would seriously dip into scrapbook supplies funds, I mean the grocery budget, I haven't been to a crop since March (Another post topic could be the exorbitant hourly fee my babysitter charges - you know, the one that is never available anyway)

Dan doesn't understand why I like to physically GO to crops. it takes me a week to decide what to pack up and 2 weeks to unpack it all when I come home again. And heaving those 50 pound tool boxes into the trunk is hard on the back. However, when one weighs the options - a day out of the house, with no kids calling "MOM!!!", no cooking (meals are provided - who cares if I do any scrapping at all!), etc. i am quite happy to pack, unpack, heave and lift.

I also hang out on-line at various scrapbooking sites where literally thousands of other scrapbooking addicted women (and 2 men) seek solace with their peers. Who else can sympathize about that lost photo opportunity? Or congratualte you on learning how to download a cowboy style font to your computer to make the perfect title for your western themed photos. This past weekend one of the sites held an on-line crop and women (no men - I guess they were busy this weekend) from coast to coast participated in scrapbooking challenges and games from the comfort of their own homes. If you can't get out to a crop this is the next best thing.

Anyway, now that I have actually scrapped I can share some Scrap This stuff with you - enjoy! I'll only share a few today just in case my mojo disapears again I'll have some back ups for those days when my sarcasm mojo is missing too!
Icons of Summer Challenge - use photos without people to convey something about your summer
AD challenge - based on a magazine ad

Supersize Challenge - use extra large elements


barb said...

Wow wow WOW! Welcome back to your scrappin' mojo! I'm glad to see some of your lovely pages posted here. I LOVE the icons of summer challenge, and you did a GREAT job of that one. Wow! Congrats! :)

nathalie (brn2scrp) said...

Gorgeous layouts! Lol, love your post. Hear ya on the husband issue. And just in case you're interested, my 16 y.o. daughter charges $5 an hour for babysitting, which makes her a popular babysitter in the west end here ....

Nathalie (famille1999) said...

Great LOs! I love the icons one too and that wonderful pic of the falls! I'm hoping to see more of your scrapping side very soon! (not that I don't like the sarcasm side too! LOL) :D