Monday, September 10, 2007

For Sale!

No I'm not trying to get rid of the kids, the dog or even Dan's collection of size small T-shirts that he's had since junior high and that he thinks still fit. In fact, I'm not actually selling anything at all...but I am negotiable if you would like to rent the kids for a weekend.

However, it does seem that our neighbours are looking to sell. We live on a cul-de-sac with 8 other homes - 2 of which went up for private sale this past week. We like our home for many reasons - one being the quiet cul-de-sac. Quiet meaning absolutely no traffic. This does not mean quiet as in no screaming and yelling kids playing in the quiet (no traffic) cul-de-sac. Do you think it's a coincidence that the 2 houses up for sale are owned by, to say it PC, baby boomers?

So, it looks like we will be getting new neighbours. Would it be too much to ask for...

- kids (preferably girls) ages 6 and 8 and perhaps a 14 year old with no social life that would like to babysit on the odd chance Dan and I might go out on the same night, or even odder that we might go out on the same night - together.

- dog lovers that will be tolerant of a run away chocolate lab and what the run away chocolate lab leaves behind as she continues being a run away.

- a mom that likes to scrapbook instead of playing soccer. Most of the other neighbourhood moms like to sweat and run and chase balls around the field. I, on the other hand prefer the slower paced and less sweaty sport of scrapbooking.

- new homeowners who are as interested in gardening as I am. This means that they do their best to maintain the status quo but generally let the weeds creep in and the grass grow a little high.

- A SAHM who likes to visit back and forth, drink coffee and share household cleaning tips, recipes and neighbourhood secrets. Oh sorry, I forgot that my life isn't at all Leave-it-to-beaver-ish and I really don't like coffee (but a pina colada is always appreciated!) On second thought, I would just like a SAHM who wouldn't mind looking after my kids after school on the days I get called in to supply teach because I'm hoping I won't be much of a SAHM this year (I'm gonna be a SAHPTM - stay at home part time mom.)

What would be really great is if these houses were actually bought at their asking prices...and quickly. Being military and having the possibility of a posting every APS (that's annual posting season for all you civilians) we are always concerned with the real estate market. These houses are listed at 50K more than what we paid 2 years ago so it looks like the market is still moving up...and that is what we like - except the darn taxes seem to go up too! Of course these houses, owned by petless baby boomers, are probably pristine inside. I'm hoping all the paint chipped corners, dog gouged gyprock and nail-polished counter-tops won't cost us 50K! Maybe I should sell the kids, the dog and perhaps throw in the T-shirt collection as an added bonus to ensure that my home is in pristine condition when we need to sell.

Of course then I couldn't be SAHM or a SAHPTM and I'd be forced to get a full time job. I guess I'll keep the kids and the dog.

Anyone wanna buy a vintage T-shirt? I need to make up that 50K somewhere!


nathalie (brn2scrp)` said...

ROFLOL! Here's hoping you get ideal new neighbours. Funny, we had baby boomers sell and move away on our street too. The people who had teenagers when we first moved in and didn't even have any kids of our own, now seem to be quite taken aback by kids playing street hockey and teenagers doing whatever it is teenagers do. Too funny.

barb said...

I hope you get at least a few of your wishes when the new neighbours move in! There's one for sale on our quiet street, and I keep hoping there will be young kids there... ones who will go to OUR school because we need the numbers to keep the staff we have! lol

Stevie said...

Maybe our DHs could get together and compare T Shirts. My DH also has a 20 year old collection.

Anonymous said...

We definitely would have been good neighbours to have...too back you are not nearer our dd's school. I hope that some of your wishes come true. ;)


Nathalie (famille1999) said...

Good luck with getting at least a couple of your wishes! LOL :)