Monday, November 5, 2007

I must apologize for my absence

I haven't posted in almost a month. But I do have have a great excuse, I mean reason. Dan come home a little earlier than expected so I had to run around doing all those little things I promised him I would do. Ok, it was 2 things. 2 pretty little things. Anyway, he came home a week early but to a well painted picnic table and nicely coated rust spots on the car.

Since Dan has been home I've had to give up lounging on the couch while watching TV and eating bon bons (well, usually just potato chips.) and internet surfing. Instead, I've had to look incredibly busy. So far, I've managed to fool him for the last 2 weeks but things are gonna get a little harder - he doesn't go back to work until December 3rd - not sure how I can continue this for 4 more weeks! I know all the wives who just read this are sharing in my agony. I think he may have caught on to the fact that I keep refolding the same load of laundry over and over. Also, I am readjusting to the whole "a meal consists of more than a waffle" routine. Mind you he hasn't been eating at 5 star restaurants for the last 7 months so sloppy joes (from a can) really went over well. He was lucky enough to come home the week of my regular gourmet club meeting so he did get one supremely excellent Italian dish, lucky for him I was providing the main course and not the salad.

Dan has also had to do some readjusting since he has been home - mainly learning how to drive in a non-suicide bomber atmosphere. He has always been a very concientious driver but now he never signals (doesn't want anyone to know what he is planning on doing - not sure the OPP will agree with this tactic), races through yellow lights so he never has to sit in traffic (sitting still is very dangerous in Afghanistan, just annoying here) and veers over 3 lanes if he sees a white Toyota Corolla (seems this is the vehicle of choice for suicide bombers.) Luckily for the Ottawa public, his deployment readjustment papers say that it will only take about 6 months for him to be back to normal. Lucky for him he drives a B-I-G truck so people generally move out of his way.

I'm teaching tomorrow so I have to go iron a teacher outfit. He'll really know I'm trying to fool him then as I never iron!


Anonymous said...

your pology is excepted


barb said...

Welcome home, Dan! Love the sign... your girls are so cute. :)
I've missed your posts, but yes, I too forgive you. Glad to hear you're teaching. And I'll stay out of Dan's way on the highway. Thanks for the warning!

brn2scrp said...

Welcome home to your dh ... yup, I figured that's why you were AWOL ... pretty good reason, you're forgiven!!! Happy for you that he is home safe and sound, and hopefully the OPP'll give him a break if he gets stopped for not signalling ... or for evasive driving manoeuvers ... !

Nathalie (famille1999) said...

Glad to have you back with your great sense of humor! :) Welcome back to your dh!

I figured that you were trying to make up for lost time and didn't have time for your loyal followers! LOL

BTW... maybe you can send him to Montreal for a couple of weeks. He would probably feel right at home with his new manoeuvers! LOL