Saturday, January 24, 2009

What not to wear...I'm obviously wearing it!

The girls and I enjoy all the fashion makeover shows on TV - especially "What Not to Wear." What's that you say? You're not familiar with that show. In the ever so tactful words of my nine year old, "It's when people who dress like Mom win $5000 so they can go shopping and get clothes that look good."

Today we were watching a rerun were three women vie to be the worst dressed teacher in whatever state it was they were filming in. Allie, my afore mentioned tactful 9 year old, says to me, "Does WNTW ever come to Canada?" and I tell her that I've never seen them do a Canadian show but perhaps they might someday. "Good!" says the tactful child, "Cuz then you could apply to be on the worst dressed teachers in Ontario show."

Yeah...I'll do that.

I've never been a real fashionista. Well there was that time that I wore stirrup pants. And Peter Pan Get Away boots (what kind of name is that?) And I did the whole neon craze. Can't forget granny boots. WOW! Now that I've listed all these great fashion statements I made - maybe I was a fashionista after all? Of course, the most recent of these fashion trends became a fashion faux pas by the late 80s so I guess the last 20 years have seen me go from fashionista to fashionless.

I remember the first piece of clothing that I just had to have. It was the summer between grade 6 and grade 7 and the Sears catalogue had recently arrived. There, in the teen girls' section, was my heart's desire - a fake (is polyester fake???? Surely it is real polyester?) sheep skin vest. It was like the hottest thing ever (literally, too!) and Mom and Dad must have also thought so because I was soon sporting this fashion faux pas trend on my way to Junior High.

Lucky for me (and you lucky readers too) this vest is forever memorialized in my grade 7 school photo. Here I am wearing it with a lovely plaid cowboy shirt with pearlized buttons. Fashion perfection at its best. Perhaps next post we will discuss why I have a boy's haircut - can't cover all my beauty and fashion mistakes in one post. Better yet, maybe I'll just do a retrospective of all my school photos - they should cover most of the fashion trends and beauty don'ts of a couple of decades!


Mellisa said...

OMG - that is priceless.

You have so inspired me. I am sure, on the computer downstairs, I have a photo of me, around the same age, with all the neon goodness. Fortunately for me, however, there don't seem to be any photos of my in my acid washed jeans and matching acid washed coat. Adorable, I say! I will have a looksey later, when I am downstairs and post one just for you.

Anonymous said...

Thats hilareous. im sure ive seen thet vest before somwhere


Marlene said...

I LOVE reading your blog - you just need to update it more often. It is my comic relief - LOL. I have a photo that looks so much like that too - brings back memories. All my photos though have those lovely glasses that cover the entire face ;-).

Barb said...

omg omg, your picture is priceless! And your kids... well, they're mean. lol. I'm sure you're not as badly dressed as they think you are. ;P

And yes, I'm with Marlene... you really need to update your blog more often. I too am in need of a good laugh on a more frequent basis. :)