Friday, September 11, 2009

FreeCycling is TMI

Are you a freecycler? In case you haven't jumped on this environmentally friendly trend let me explain. Most cities and large towns have an internet home where a couple of things happen. People who don't want their junk extra stuff anymore offer it up for free. People who might need said junk stuff (and I'm not sure why someone would need some of this junk/stuff) make arrangements to get it from you. It is all in the vein of being green, reducing waste in the landfill, re-using other people's junk stuff, etc.

I will be the first to admit that I am not terribly green. Sure I recycle with the blue and black boxes and I compost in the non-snowy months (hey, you wanna come over and trek through shoulder height snowbanks to get to my composter?) and we even use those curly light bulbs that are supposed to last for 7 years but we've already burned out about a dozen.

So, I freecycle. More to get junk/stuff AKA crap, out of my basement. Not sure how it all got into my basement but I'm doing my duty and getting rid of it in the responsible way.

My local freecycle site also provides me with a good giggle every once in a while. There is one particular poster who always describes her item up for offer and then says something like "Will only gift item to people who give a polite response." So, first, I think, "WOW!" Somebody actually writes back 'Lady, give me your crap. Right now!'" and then I go to the other extreme and think about a really polite response.

Dear Sir or Madam, It would add great pleasure to my day if you would be so kind as to gift me with your lovely (insert name of junk/stuff/crap.) I shall always treasure it and will be eternally grateful for your kindness. Thanking you in advance for your generousity. Sincerely yours,
Frankly, I don't care who wants my junk/stuff/crap, as long as they come and get it.

I also get a kick out of the TMI (too much information) posts.

WANTED: Rug Shampooer

My geriatric cat has diabetes and throws up all over my furniture. I could really use a rug shampooer to help get rid of the stains and smells.

WANTED: Household items

My girlfriend got angry that I cheated on her so now I need pots, pans, dishes, sheets, towels, a bed, etc.

OFFER: Couch

Sturdy, grey, has some cat vomit stains but smells pretty good.

And then there are the picky people.

WANTED: Area rug

Must be in good shape (OK, I agree with this.) Beige with burgundy, 5 feet x 4 feet, no fringe.

PEOPLE! This is free junk/stuff/crap that would otherwise go to the landfill. Take what you can get. If you want a fringeless, 5x4 beige and burgundy area rug on the cheap head to Wally world.

Don't get me wrong. I think it is a great service. I've given away lots of junk/stuff/crap that people are very appreciative of. And I've even gotten stuff in return (cuz I don't want any junk or crap), most notably, a dog. Now Freecycle rules say no autos and no pets but somehow, shortly after we had to put down our 9 month old chocolate lab pup there happened to be a listing got it...a 9 month old chocolate lab pup. Not sure how it got approved by the moderators but it slipped by and we became the owners of a free to us dog. Of course Dan says "nothing is ever free" so the next day we promptly went to the vet and shelled out big bucks for a raging ear infection.

Here is Cocoa meeting her new girls for the first time back in April 2006.


canadacole said...

I always forget about Freecycle! I get Kijiji alerts for things I'm hoping to get, but it's been a long time since I checked the Freecycle site. Thanks for the reminder!