Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My marriage could be in trouble.

Dan bought a bus pass this month.

This may seem like a trivial bit of information to you but in 2 years of mass transit use this is the first time that it has been financially beneficial for him to purchase a pass. "So?" you say. Obviously you don't get it. In order for the bus pass to be a better option than individual bus tickets Dan has to take the bus at least 14 days in a month. This has never happened before and may never happen again. Dan is actually going to be at home at least 14 week days this month...unless of course the military has something to say about that.

Hope our marriage survives this terrible strain...not used to him being around so much! Mind you hockey season has started and he is playing in 2 leagues and an occasional pick-up league so I probably won't see him any more than usual anyway.

Here's a little something from my messy desk. This is my oldest daughter. At 10 she is already 5' 1', wears a shoe size bigger than me and acts like 16. And by acting like 16 I don't mean helpful, kind and responsible but more along the lines of attitude and emotion. In fact these pictures do not accurately depict her - she usually has an eye roll.