Saturday, October 24, 2009

Must See TV

I'm a TV addict and I freely admit it. New faves this year include comedies Modern Family and Cougar Town but I haven't gotten sucked into a new drama yet. I guess nothing can fill the opening in my schedule that ER left.

Do you like TV too? Why not join us at ScrapShotz this weekend where we are holding an on-line crop where all the challenges are based on TV shows, both past and present. Lots of scrapping to be done, games to be played and prizes to be won.

Here is one of my challenges based on CSI...

Do you have a favorite CSI series?

My fave is the original Vegas version but I also make a point of watching the team in NY. The Miami gang I can take or leave.

Pete Townsend (of the Who) is probably really happy they chose one of his songs for the opening theme to the original because NY and Miami followed with 2 others - can you say residuals?

We all know that CSI stands for Crime Scene Investigators.

Or it did…

Today CSI is taking on a whole new meaning and I’m asking you to take the challenge and solve…well not solve anything but create a LO. OK you say, that I can do. But wait! You need some clues. In our special CSI version of scrapping you have to do things following a special protocol...

You will need to use only tools and products that start with C, S or I.

So, you'll probably use Scissors. You will of course be able to use your paper trimmer, just refer to it as a Cutter. And of course you need adhesive but we’ll just call that Sticky Stuff. What else can you use?

Cardstock, Stickers, Stamps, Ink, Corner rounders, Silhouette, Cricut, Sizzix, Stickles, Circle Cutters, Square Punches, Scallop Punches, Cuttlebug, Stitching, Sewing, Chalk, Staples, Chipboard, Computer, etc. I can’t wait to see what other C, S and I things you can come up with.

I’m not a real stickler. If you can REASONABLY explain how your tool or product begins with a C, S or I then it will accepted.

You must use at least one tool/product to cover each of the letters. Guess, we’ll all be using ink, huh?

Have fun with this. It may make you step out of your box and get creative with your tools but I know that you can assist the CSI team on this case.

Here is my LO. I used cardstock, staples, 4 kinds of stickers (3 alphas and an epoxy circle), staples, chipboard shape, scallop circle stamp, circle punch, ink, strips of journaling, computer font and a corner rounder.